Par 5

Distance 531


Another Par five to attract criticism and praise from golfers around the world.

A true three shot hole, players hit from the tee towards a large swampy marshland that is an extension of Murtnaghurt lagoon. The hazard encroaches onto the fairway at approximately 225 metres leaving the golfer only a small bottle neck that is approximately 20 metres to land drives longer than this distance. It is a rare par five that dictates the way players must play the hole. Only on the strongest of tailwind days can this hole be reached in two strokes, this is what has been criticised by golfers. Golf technology is stretching golf courses to their absolute limit. Modern courses are stretching over 6,500 metres and beyond. By creating the true three shot hole Cashmore has tried to restrict the effects of technology, effectively taking the driver out of play. After a successful lay up players can then advance the ball into the fairway, and finally shoot blind to a green protected by dunes reminiscent of those seen in Irish golf pictorials.

TIP: From the tee select a club that can hit 190 to 210 metres. This will leave you well placed behind the swampy marshland. Calculate the distance to the final fairway bunker and aim to land just short of it. This will leave a wedge or a short iron into the green. Be sure to leave your third shot beneath the hole leaving an uphill putt to one of the many hole locations on this green.

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