Par 4



A much criticized par five, architect Tony Cashmore designed this hole to fight against the fast rise of titanium drivers and oversized club heads.

On some days players will be required to hit just a long iron off the tee to a small throat of fairway that is guarded by a water hazard on the left and cypress trees and a bunker on the right. If conditions allow and players are able, a long iron or a fairway wood can be used from the fairway to reach the green in two. Regulation par can be made by hitting to the right of the fairway traps, then wedging onto the green from about 100 metres. However this hole is greatly affected by the elements and should be played on its merits.

TIP: Any drive left of the lone fairway trap will increase the likelihood of an early birdie. If laying up, the clubbing of the third shot is critical, with bunkers guarding the green short and right and a mixture of fescues and swales guarding the back of the green. Although not visible from the fairway there is a large saddle that covers two thirds of green, golf balls falling into this area will often feed off the green and into the fringe. The mini version of St Andrews valley of sin located at the front of the green should also be avoided.

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