Par 4

Distance 387


A mid to long par 4, its difficulty is affected by the prevailing winds.

Framed down the left hand side by a series of houses, a large crop of eight bunkers entice the player to take the short route home. Players are then confronted by a large putting surface that tilts subtly from left to right, but has many varying slopes to catch the player who hasn’t quite gauged the pace of the greens yet. This is the first contact the golfer has with the residential precinct surrounding Thirteenth Beach, and is a fine example of how well houses with strict covenants can blend into the surrounds.

TIP: Avoid the bunkers on this hole to perhaps secure that early birdie. This fairway is wider than it seems. There is a small hump that restricts the golfers view of the rest of the fairway. Hit a drive off the left edge of the bunker on the right hand side, then hit your second shot to the fat part of the green. As the green is not deep, club so as your ball lands into or just short of the tier that protects the front of the green.



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